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In which the jokes are mostly too easy.

22 Sep

Two things in my Google reader feed that made me laugh this morning:

  1. The Telegraph reported that Vikings were generally warned away from Scotland, because the weather was awful and the people were incomprehensible and scary.
  2. A whole bunch of new interviews with Bill Clinton are being released in a new book by Taylor Branch, the historian who conducted them! The Daily Mail has chosen to focus on stories about Boris Yeltsin’s drunken antics. I cannot really laugh too much at their “journalism” there, however: my response to seeing the first couple paragraphs of NPR’s article on the subject was “yeah, I bet you would need an ‘oral historian’ to write about the Lewinsky scandal, WHAT UP”. This was shortly followed by being sad that no one was around to high-five me for that. :(

In which there are shocking revelations.

22 Aug

Courtesy of Rogue Classicism’s post here comes a theory — a MIND-BLOWING theory, if you get excited about history, and who DOESN’T — that Hadrian’s Wall may have been made of timber. MADNESS!

I actually have little to no comment on how credible this may or may not be. Pretty much the extent of my classical history is what I got in Latin class in high school. I should really fix that at some point.