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Going medieval on your wedding

16 Feb

Rings often could not be afforded, so one wedding tradition was that a broken coin be given to the bride, with the groom keeping the other half. (From medieval-weddings.net: Weddings In The Country)

As you will no doubt see, I get a little fascinated by things like this. No rings, okay, I can understand that, but how would you break the coin? I guess if it was gold, it’s pretty soft, right? So that’s easy to cut, but the whole ~imagery~ of the broken coin that ~fits together perfectly~ is kind of lost if you get an even cut there. And then someone could fake it — is there a romance novel along those lines somewhere? Or a medieval romantic comedy?

Which is another thing: the world needs more medieval romantic comedies. A Knight’s Tale has comic moments, and a romance, but it’s more a sports movie than anything else. COME ON, PEOPLE.

I can’t find from this page whether this is from England, or France, or what. Also, what period? This is the thing about the Middle Ages: they weren’t the same right up until the end of the Plague or wherever you consider the Rennaissance as starting. Or even from one country to the next. Now this is gonna bug me.