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In which there is some 3700-year-old excitement

8 Sep

CNN reports that a 3700-year-old wall in Jerusalem—rather, the segments of it that have been uncovered thus far—is causing a bit of a stir! It’s about eight meters high, made with massive boulders (one archaeologist says about 4 or 5 tons on average). This is not only impressive but it is pretty baffling, because no one is quite sure how they might’ve done it: four or five tons is what we Serious Historical Experts refer to as “pretty fucking enormous”, and “no way am I moving that on my own, fuck you”, and a fair bit of Serious Historical Study has determined that there wasn’t much in the way of construction equipment with which to move 4- or 5-ton boulders 3700 years ago.

…OR THERE WASN’T THAT WE KNOW OF. Which is basically the point and is why this is so exciting: this is how science works, too, which is that once in awhile something will happen that you really do not expect to happen, and then you figure out what caused the difference, and that’s how knowledge moves forward.

Plus, big wall! Made of enormous fucking rocks! Admittedly, I’m a fairly dull person, but I think this is pretty cool.