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In which a good time is had by all.

21 Aug

From Historian, the town of Krushevo in what’s now Macedonia has marked the first Balkan uprising against the Ottoman Empire by…well, to quote the BBC report on the subject, “imagine trying to persuade hundreds of people to reenact an historical event that happened in their town over a century ago, then asking them to dress up in full traditional attire every day for a few weeks.”

Rather than reenacting the violence of the uprising (man, if I could get my thoughts in order, there would definitely be some tl;dr on this versus Civil War reenactments — if anyone does a paper on that, YOU’RE WELCOME) a lot of people are just going about their daily lives in 1903-era costume. As Historian says, it’s “just for the fun of it”. History for the lols: I AM SO TOTALLY OKAY WITH IT.

(Maybe that is the Beeb’s excuse for the egregious use of Madonna in the report.)