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In which I run the risk of bewildering people…

14 Sep

…with my love for ancient stone axes. Specifically, in this case, a number of stone axes found in the Kalahari Desert, in the dry lake basin of Lake Makgadikgadi. As you can see from the picture along with the article, they are pretty big. The picture also looks like they’re made of flint—if not, something relatively soft you can flake away, because those have definitely been flaked. Mostly I mention this Totally Fascinating Piece Of Information because I spent a semester cataloging flint tools at the British Museum and it’d be nice to think that didn’t go to waste in the interval while I’m saving up for grad school.

Even if you’re not kind of a dork about Stone Age flint tools, this is pretty exciting. Professor Thomas of Oxford University explains that “the interior of southern Africa has usually been seen as being devoid of significant archaeology,” but they’ve found a bunch of artifacts around the lake dating from the Stone Age.

Also, in response to a request from reader lyndseyjenkins, I saw my way to making an About page! I am not sure exactly what is supposed to go on these, since I figured no one would be that interested in me in particular. If there is anything essential that I’m missing from that (or you think I’d be a valuable addition to your workplace), let me know!