shaking off the dust

17 Apr

Oh goodness Internet it has been a weird couple of years. Years? Oh gosh I can’t believe it’s been that long. It has been a whirlwind adventure, let me tell you.

(Disclaimer: it has not been a whirlwind adventure.)

But my dear friend Amy started a fabulous blog about YA lit and intersectionality, which inspired me, and I read a few books a friend sent me, cheery female-oriented Elizabethan YA, and I gave a deathglare to another friend when she described Jane Austen as “Victorian”, and I was like “really, the Internet should hear my thoughts on these things! So here we are. Things I will be focusing on, in case you have forgotten: history, especially historical fiction and movies, social history, cultural and material history, books and movies (especially when they have a historical slant), really interesting ladies and anecdotes from history, how writing is the stupidest hobby ever and I don’t understand why I do it, that kind of thing.

Yes, I’m currently trying to punch a draft into readable shape, how did you guess?

Coming soon: I will either wax rhapsodic about my love for Kashmira Sheth’s wonderful novel Keeping Corner, or get ridiculously defensive and fist-shaky (in the vein of those Mrs. Bennet posts I’m still pretty fond of) about girl groups. Or just capslock a lot about some of my favorite stories from history. Now THOSE will be whirlwind adventures.


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