In which trash may not be after all?

19 Sep

…but it probably is.

Apparently, archaeologists from Hanford, in Washington, are digging through an old landfill in the city! Hanford was a pretty significant site during the Manhattan Project that ultimately resulted in the atomic bombs, and among other things, the Hanford site produced the plutonium used in those bombs; the goal, from what I can tell, is to learn a little more about the era.

Landfills, trash heaps, and the like are usually pretty useful for archaeologists, actually, so this isn’t as far-fetched and ~wacky~ as the tone of that article might suggest. That said, I don’t think I’ve really heard much about excavation for such recent history, so that is new to me.

Alas, they don’t seem to be finding much thus far. Oh well, you never quite know with history, and even less with archaeology.


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