In which revelations are made and a lot of scare quotes are used.

3 Sep

MSNBC has a shocking news bulletin for us all: geeks can sometimes be ladies now! I am totally blown away by this news. Things I like about this article, for values of “like” that include a lot of sarcasm and not-actually-liking-them-at-all:

  1. Lady geeks are characterized as “invaders”!
  2. Oh there is so much to be “delighted” at in this paragraph.

    While any kind of growth in the industry would seem like good news, it hasn’t come without its share of backlash. Blogs since this year’s convention have taken male/female sides on everything from the potential sexism of the convention’s “booth babes” to complaints about the influx of female “Twilight” fans.

    Because this year was entirely the first time that women have ever made known their discomfort with some of the prevailing sexism in geek culture! Just because you have only now discovered that ladies can be geeks does not mean ladies have just now started being geeks, people.

  3. The use of the phrase “potential sexism” in referring to booth babes. There is nothing inherently sexist about using scantily-clad ladies to draw people in! It’s just that the potential is there.
  4. The use of the phrase “female ‘Twilight’ fans”, which is rubbing me the wrong way for a lot of different reasons. Would male Twilight fans be better?
  5. The fact that I find myself in a position where I feel compelled to defend Twilight, or at least its fans, because even if I think their books and movies are incredibly stupid and offensive, I think these characterizations of lady geeks are even more stupid and offensive.

In conclusion, thank you, MSNBC, for this earth-shattering “news”!


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